April 2007 - June 2008
  Once again, your favourite R’n’ B combo have been invited to play at the prestigious International Beatles Festival in Liverpool, a particular honour in their year as European Capital of Culture. Dates are below, there may be some last minute changes, or even additions, so always check before making the trip specially. One ... Erm ... Highlight is our inclusion once again in the Sunday/Monday Cavern “all-nighter,” with a performance at 3am. Needless to say, we can’t wait...
Fri 22nd August, 3pm    ..........................   Cavern Pub
Fri 22nd August, 10pm   .......   The Cavern, front room
Sat 23rd, 8pm  ......................  The Cavern, back room
Sun 24th, 12.30am   ........... Waves Bar, Adelphi Hotel
Sun 24th, 3pm  .................  Crompton’s, Adelphi Hotel
Sun 24th, 8pm  .........  The Crosby Suite, Adelphi Hotel
Mon 25th, 3am  ...........................  Cavern, back room
Mon 25th, 11pm  .........................  Cavern, back room
Well, OK, we promised more frequent updates, and it turns out we were lying. Sorry.
  The fact is, we have been so busy that there has been little time to talk about what we’ve done, we’ve been too busy doing it!
Highlights have included a shared bill at The Cavern with Karl Terry and The Cruisers. If you have never seen him, then make an effort to do so - he must have 20 years on us and makes us look as if we’re asleep onstage! Excellent Rock and Roll/Jazz/Skiffle as it used to be, complete with upright double bass.
  Sales of our CD have been very good, with everybody’s reaction to it being excellent - it won’t be long before they are sold out! We just KNEW we should have pressed more than 30...
  We have lots of work lined up for 2008, with plenty of new venues, as well as our old favourites, including a spot on the bill at the Olympia Theatre, Liverpool, at a show to celebrate “Dancing Through The Years” (see below).
  There has also been talk of some more theatre work, sharing the bill with our old mates The Shakers - if you like Merseybeat, then that one’s for you!
  Our New Year’s Resolution is to update this page a little more frequently, so let’s see how long THAT resolution lasts...
  On 25th April The Olympia Theatre, Liverpool, will be hosting a “Dancing Through The Years” show, celebrating Liverpool’s famous Iron Door Club, with some of the artists who were involved in shaping the music of the 1950s and early 1960s, including Kenny Ball (“Midnight in Moscow”), Chas McDevitt (“Freight Train”), and Craig Douglas (“Only Sixteen”). Also on the bill are some of our old Merseybeat friends The Mojos, Karl Terry, and Lee Curtis.
  The Iron Door was the place where Merseybeat really started, The Cavern was just a jazz club and wouldn’t allow rock and roll through its doors, until the club became empty every night - everybody was at The Iron Door!
   Just as a matter of interest - in the sixties The Olympia was the famous Locarno Ballroom, scene of many concerts by future Merseybeat stars.
  The show has been organised by none other than Geoff Hogarth, the founder of the Iron Door, and promises to be a rockin’ good night, as they used to say - we can’t wait!
Front page of  leaflet for the Olympia Show
For all you nice people who keep pleading with us to update the website regularly, we send our apologies. Spring and Summer 2007  have been incredibly busy for us (which is good), but that has meant little time for news and updates (which is bad). Even the list of forthcoming shows has suffered, which has caused some people problems in tracking us down. To those we would say that, if the dates page is not up to date, try our MySpace site - www.myspace.com/flashbackthebeatgroup - as we try to keep upcoming shows on there too.
  Events this last few months have included an incredibly successful Beatle Week, the launch (ha!) of our CD, and, in May, the Atombeat Festival at Alloa, which was a great laugh, but cost us money.... Ah, well, can’t win them all. A report on Beatle Week will follow (we promise), but for now, see below for details of the new, 45rpm vinyl Flashback CD!
  Remember back in February we told you that we’d been into a recording studio? Well, just to prove that it wasn’t a tissue of lies, we’ve finally released the fruits of our labour onto CD! Twelve tracks, lovingly crafted over ... oooh... hours for your delectation and delight etc. etc.
   OK, enough of that, what about the songs? Well, track listing is as follows:  1. I Should Have Known Better.  2. The One After 909.  3. Reelin’ And Rockin’  4. I Saw Her Standing There.  5. Roll Over
Beethoven.  6. All My Loving.  7. Lawdy Missy Clawdy  8. Some Other Guy.  9. Twist And Shout.  10. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey.  11. Rock And Roll Music.  12. Long Tall Sally
   Phew! Obviously plenty of our rip-roaring Rock and Roll set there! The CD is available through us at our shows, or contact us direct: info@flashbackthebeatgroup.co.uk. Price £6 plus postage and packing - a bargain!
   It was pressed (is that the right word for a CD?) by gt media of Scotland, and made to look and feel just like a vinyl record - we have no truck with all this new-fangled stuff. Artwork was by Kev (that’s me!) and, basically, we’re very proud of it. Three of the tracks are on our biography page.
   As we said previously, the whole thing was recorded, mixed and mastered  at the Nottingham studio of Ian Watts, our resident genius, who managed to make it sound like Kev was singing in tune, Pete playing the right chords, and Phil keeping good time on the drums - incredible! We had very little hand in the mixing, as Ian knew exactly how to get what we want - listen to his “Cavern Echo” on Some Other Guy. Excellent.
  As the dedication on the inside cover reads: “With so many, many thanks to Ian Watts for making it sound as if we knew what we were doing, and without whom...” Says it all, really.

So, the Beatles-Platz festival in Hamburg has come and gone, and what can we say? Try WOW!
  Flying out on Friday, we spent the evening at Gibson Kemp’s bar (of Paddy, Klaus and Gibson) with The Mojos, Undertakers, Beryl Marsden, Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes and The Marmosets. Also there was Gibson’s wife Astrid Kircherr! Yes, the lady who took all the moody photos of The Beatles, gave them their haircuts and leather look. Girlfriend of Stuart Sutcliffe! How fantastic to meet her.
 On Saturday evening we went to The Kaiserkeller to see and meet none other than Tony Sheridan. To see him perform “My Bonnie” in The Kaiserkeller was a very moving moment.
 And on to Sunday’s show... A huge hall with up to 2000 people in it, all wanting to hear Rock and Roll - we couldn’t lose! After sound checks, a quick trip to  
Gretl and Alfonse’s pub across the road (base for all musicians over the last 50 years, and blistering 30 minute sets from all bands. Highlight was Beryl Marsden and The Undertakers, and, of course, the man himself, Kingsize Taylor.
 Add in the aftershow party and blisteringly hot weather all weekend, and you have a brilliant three days, never to be forgotten. There is a whole pile of photos Here
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