July 2006 - February 2007
October 28th    SHOCK! HORROR! We are reliably informed that for the first time in 40 years, Pete has finally visited a hairdressers for a trim! And he paid for it! In a brief interview Pete assured us that he thought it was time it was attended to professionally as it was getting too straggly, and, no, it was nothing to do with the fact that the hairdresser was a rather attractive young lady who had attended a Flashback gig just a couple of days previously!
 When we spoke to the hairdresser, who understandably asked to remain anonymous, she revealed that, while working on the famous barnet, she found eight combs, two hats and a bottle of shampoo!
On 20th May 1960   The Silver Beetles played the opening night of their first professional tour, backing Larry Parnes' rising new Star Johnny Gentle. The venue was The Town Hall, Alloa, Scotland.
 On 19th May 2007, almost 47 years to the day, Flashback will be appearing at the same venue, alongside two of Britain’s other  top beat groups, The Prellies and The Shakers, in a beat festival which promises to be THE event of the year in Scotland! During the day there will be stalls, live bands, DJ and guest speakers, culminating in a night full of the sounds of Hamburg and The Cavern in those heady days of the early sixties.
 In a stroke of genius, we can report that Tony Shaker has managed to gain provisional agreement from Johnny Gentle himself to attend as guest speaker! Other guests and artistes will be announced as details are finalised – at the moment all we can say is that the list will include a few more illustrious names! Watch this space for more news!

 Further details and tickets can be obtained here:
Johnny Gentle and a certain Mr. Harrison

Shock, Horror! After managing to avoid rehearsing for over nine months, The band have finally started to learn new material! Although not actually rehearsing, we have had several meetings in a pub to discuss new songs, taken them away to listen to them, and having a stab at them during a soundcheck.
First number is Stupidity, the Decca single for our friend Kingsize Taylor, and a terrific rocker it is, too! Just to name drop, we couldn’t quite work out one of the lines of the song, so we got in touch with The Man himself! His reply was “They are the correct words! whether I sing them on the record is another matter, as we were all pissed at the time! We laid the whole album in 2 1/2 hours. From 6 in the morning, after finishing at 4am in the Star-Club. Thank you for the honour of you taking the time to do my number.”

Two and a half hours, eh? Makes you wonder what The Beatles were dawdling about at taking a whole 16 hours to record Please Please Me!

It has been confirmed that we will be playing at The Sounds Of The Sixties first anniversary party on 12th November at The Cavern along with The Mojos, The Undertakers, and our mates The Shakers and The Prellies! There have been a lot of requests on the message boards for us to get together with The Shakers and The Prellies, so here is the first in what hopefully will be a long line of joint packages. Book early to avoid disappointment, as they say!
  Well, there it was. Liverpool’s Beatle Week has been and gone, and what a week it was, as they say in Showbusiness. In the end, we actually did ten shows over the five days, the extra one being on Friday night, standing in for another band who didn’t turn up.

  Saturday at The Pier Head Stage was great, although quite early in the morning, the turn out was quite good, and backstage after our set we got to meet The Hamsters, (Andy Hamster took some great photos of us performing – see The Gallery,) Gerry Marsden and Jackie Lomax, to name but a few. One of the highlights of the day was seeing our mates Johnny Silver and the Come Together Band, still a very professional outfit, and uncannily like the individual Beatles in the ‘70s – watch Ian “Paul McCartney” Watts playing Rickenbacker bass left-handed, not many people    
know he’s actually naturally right-handed! Just how cool is that!
  Sunday saw us do a hectic four shows, we couldn’t believe how hot those places could get, but we were blown away by peoples’ reactions, absolutely fantastic. After that it was easy coasting for the last two days, followed by some serious partying on Tuesday night before heading home.

A week later and we still haven’t come down yet!

  For anyone who loves what we do and hasn’t been to Beatle Week, you are missing the treat of your lifetime -be there next year! Have a look at The Gallery page for photos of the weekend, especially the great ones taken by Andy from The Hamsters - thanks, Andy!

Ok, the final confirmation of our gigs over next weekend has come through. This list supersedes any other list, including the official programme. The shows are:

Sat 26th   10.30am      Stage One, Pier Head
Sun 27th  1pm             The Crosby  Suite, Adelphi Hotel
Sun 27th  3pm             Rubber Soul
Sun 27th  6pm             T P Malloys
Sun 27th   11pm          The Cavern Pub
Mon 28th  noon           The Cavern Club
Mon 28th  6pm            The Cavern Pub
Tues 29th  4pm            The Cavern Club
Tues 29th  9pm            The Cavern Club

Ask us if we’re excited. Go on.

Kingsize Taylor - the man who recorded The Beatles at The Star Club in Hamburg - is leaving these fair shores at the end of August, to live in Germany. In recent years, Kingsize and his wife, Marga, have been the driving forces behind The Sound Of The Sixties showcase, which this year has been held at The Cavern Club every Sunday night. Other Mersey beat heroes playing at the SOS, as it is nicknamed, have been Geoff Nugent from The Undertakers and Nicky Crouch, formerly of The Mojos and Faron’s Flamingos.
Together with Wes Paul, they have also been kind enough to welcome us as part of the SOS shows. We’ve had a marvelous time, and wish them every luck in their new home.
All is not lost, however, as, once settled in Germany, they plan to export some British bands to play at places such as The Kaiserkeller and newly-reopened Star Club, and are mad enough to think that we would go down well over there! Watch this space.
In the meantime, Ted and Marga, we shall miss you, and can’t wait to see you in Germany!
Aug 12th     Shock, horror! Kev’s fetish was finally revealed today when he was seen entering the Ladies’ toilet at Wrenthorpe club. Oh, the shame of it! He said it did seem strange that they had laid a carpet in the Gents in the half hour since he last went!
He would like to thank Pete and Phil, who knew what he was doing, but chose not to warn him. Thanks, lads. Watch this space for “Chapter 2: Kev’s revenge!”

July 1st 2006   Due to a nifty piece of negotiation, today we had an afternoon show at The Cavern, followed by an evening appearance at The New Inn, Marsden (Huddersfield!)
Luckily, we could drop the gear off at The New Inn in the morning (only an idiot carries their gear down Liverpool’s Mathew Street on a Saturday afternoon, followed by five flights of stairs!) It was still a quick dash back to Marsden for the evening. All in all, though, a good day… except that the following day we had a lunchtime slot at Wetherby Lions’ annual open-air fair (third year in a row for us)!
Gawd, pass us the prellies!
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