Sept 2011 - Oct 2010
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  Diehard readers of these news pages will recall the time we played at the Whitby sixties festival, sharing the bill with The Fourmost and Dave Berry and the Cruisers. Well, September saw us once again at the Theatre, this time with The Nashville Teens (“Tobacco Road”) and The Manfreds, three of the original members of Manfred Mann (if we have to tell you the hits they had you shouldn’t be reading this!)
  The line-up included Tom McGuiness (later of McGuiness Flint) and none other than the legendary Paul Jones! Needless to say they were pretty awesome, Paul Jones’ stage presence is amazing and his harmonica playing has to be seen to be believed.
    The hits they played included Do Wah Diddy, 5-4-3-2-1, and, best of all, Pretty Flamingo. To hear Jones’ distinctive voice start on that song sent shivers down our spines.
          For our part, we closed the show (we seem to have closed many shows in our time!) and we were delighted that the audience stayed to the end and gave us a rapturous welcome. A marvellous night for us all.
From l to r: Mike Hugg, Paul Jones, Simon Currie, Tom McGuiness
  Back by popular demand, and following on from our successful pairing with our mates Pepper Hearts this summer, we are getting together again at The Post Office Club, York, on Friday 30th December - what better way to banish the post Christmas blues?
   We promise the usual mix of mayhem and Merseybeat, and personally we can’t wait!
  Tickets will be on sale as you read this, and can be obtained from Garry (0752 622 0835), Geoff (0791 697 1094) or the club itself (01904 622139). The last show was sold out with a hundred people still wanting tickets - these are sure to be in as great demand, so hurry and get yours now!
  Oh, and the red nose on Dave Powell (see poster opposite) was NOT our idea!